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We widely expand the parts supplier business with EMS

It is no longer unusual for manufacturing/assembly makers to have overseas production.
“How can I respond to requests for JIT delivery?”
“I want to obtain more information regarding customer overseas production sites.”
“Designing in Japan is not leading to mass-production sale.”
“We are having trouble making proposals to our customer’s overseas design section.”
“How can we streamline delivery operations and distribution system to an overseas site?”

As a parts supplier, perhaps you are also concerned by some of these issues mentioned above.

We are confident that we can be a better partner for both our customers and parts suppliers.
We want to closely communicate with parts suppliers and work in unison with them to be able to offer the best support for our customers.
Thus, we have created this section of the website for parts suppliers.

Not only will we meet your various needs regarding overseas sales and parts supply systems, but you can enjoy a wide range of services that is made possible by the world-wide comprehensive strengths of the Sumitomo Corporation Group.
Learn more about our services that will lead to the further development and success of every parts suppliers’ business including yours.