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President / CEO

Motonari Ueki

Since its establishment as a trading company specializing in electronic components in Singapore in 1988 as a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, Sumitronics has grown by expanding its functions in response to our customers’ voices and social needs, from JIT delivery of electronic components to circuit board mounting, module assembly, and the manufacture of finished products. At present, we have expanded our network to Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and North America, and have become an indispensable presence in the supply chain as an EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) that consistently handles parts procurement, circuit board mounting, assembly, production, and logistics.

In recent years, due to the progress of digitization, opportunities to utilize EMS have increased not only in conventional electronics products but also in the fields of in-vehicle equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc. In addition, EMS plays an increasingly important role in supporting resilient and flexible supply chains in times of emergency, such as infectious diseases like COVID-19 and natural disasters.

We respond quickly and accurately to the diverse needs of our customers and provide world-class cost competitiveness and high quality products through finely tuned service.We will continue to respond to the voices of our customers and the needs of society, and by further advancing our services, we will create abundant value and contribute broadly to society.