We have a track record of providing efficient, high-quality service through our EMS business.

Losing Business because of customer's business transfer to overseas.

Losing Orders because of supporting shortage for customer's business transfer to overseas.

Losing Business because of customer's business transfer to overseas.
We lost the business for which we spent much time and cost for designing in Japan, because the demand of customer vanished by their transferring the business to overseas. Then other trading company carried off our result.
Customer transferred their production to overseas. Then we are not able to support our customer anymore, as a result we lost business chance from them.

Sumitronics procures your materials, and export them to overseas.


We are worrying about credit risk to overseas local companies.

We are worrying about credit risk (Sales or Accounts Receivable) for the sales destination designated by the customers has shrunken in Japan or overseas local companies.

You can forget credit risks by making sales to Sumitronics as a part of Sumitomo Corporation group.


Export cost is expensive for own operation.

Controlling foreign exchange, foreign currency is troublesome.

It is costly by exporting by ourselves.
It is troublesome to manage foreign exchange, overseas account receivable, foreign currency handling.

Sumitronics procures the materials from you in Japanese yen. Exporting costs can be reduced by using Sumitronics’ regular transportation services.


Information are limited for new or mass production of customers.

Need to get Production Schedule, Parts Order trend information, from time to time.

Periodical cost reduction for customer is impossible for information shortage. The information for new products or mass production of customer is limited as they are in overseas.
We want to take quick reaction by acquiring customers’ production schedule or parts order trend information from time to time.

In each country, Sumitronics are located close to your customers. That’s why we can share the latest real-time information with you in Japan, and provide substantial backup for your business activities.

Sumitronics is in constant communication with its overseas customers’ production plants and manufacturing partners’ plants, and routinely receives the latest information including production quantities and schedules, etc. Current information can be provided to material suppliers, so you can get a head start in realizing your business activities. We also provide timely information about worldwide requirements and production schedule changes for multiple sites. We can handle any start up of our customers’ mass production process and the necessary changes in close cooperation with the material suppliers.


Need to increase business chance for own products through VA・VE proposal.

We want to sell more of our materials and get more business chance through VA・VE proposals.

We aim to share material sales strategies, while providing support for cost reduction plans and the optimal VA・VE proposals.

At Sumitronics, we proactively submit VA・VE proposals to our customers. We need to share material sales strategies with material suppliers for such VA・VE proposals. The many number of Japanese customers have transferred their designing function to overseas these days. We thoroughly communicate with the customers’ engineering and designing departments at each overseas site, and support your cost reduction plans, while providing the optimal VA・VE proposals for customers and material suppliers by sharing material sales strategies with you.


Need to create operation system or inventory control at overseas.

Need to lighten the back office operation such as customs clearance operation, arranging shipment, etc..

We want to establish a local inventory management and operation system, in order to react quickly getting orders from customers whose functions have been transferred to overseas.
Our personnel at overseas site are limited. We want to make them to focus on marketing activities by reducing back-office tasks, such as import/export customs clearance procedures and shipping arrangements.

Sumitronics Japan handles overseas shipping operation and Sumitronics overseas sites manage inventory by using dedicated warehouses for materials.

We import duty-free or bonded electronic and mechanical materials, etc. procured from overseas material suppliers, and conducts the acceptance inspections. Electronic materials are stored at dedicated air-conditioned warehouses, and the quantity required is delivered to the customers and manufacturing partners on a just-in-time (JIT) basis. We support JIT delivery from customers to material suppliers.

We also support JIT delivery for a variety of materials, such as motors, cables, and molded products.

Sumitronics doesn’t only store bonded or duty-free electronic materials, but also various mechanical materials for JIT delivery. We provide meticulous support to meet the diverse demands of customers and material suppliers.


Need to find efficient route from material in origin to our customers.

We want to find more efficient distribution route from the materials country of origin to customers

We can reduce costs through optimal location delivery, and support your international logistics.

Please select the most cost-effective delivery location where you can deliver to. We handle cost saving and efficiently logistics by bulking up materials for export using our international network. This enables us to establish the optimal logistics from the materials’ country of origin to the customers or plants.


Not familiar with import / export system, taxation in each country.

We are not familiar with import/export systems or tax regulations in each country.

Sumitronics has thorough knowledge of the trading business and tax regulations for each country. We can design the optimal logistics with efficiency and cost save.

Sumitronics has detailed knowledge of the logistics, customs clearance and tax regulations for each country. We design and establish the optimal and most efficient logistics system to suit the relevant country systems. We also design logistics bearing in mind the potential tax advantages, such as value added tax (VAT) as well as bonded and duty-free options in terms of import duties.


Need to create speedy, Quality support to customers

We want to establish a quick and high-quality follow-up system to enhance customer satisfaction.

The quality control department at Sumitronics overseas sites can quickly resolve any quality-related issues.

Although, quality control is thoroughly implemented, inevitably quality-related issues may arise. We have a quality control department at each overseas site, quickly report any quality-related issues that occur to the customers or manufacturing partners, and coordinate the response for any countermeasures.

We meet all kinds of requirements as the service counter for overseas business.

Furthermore, there are different matter to face when developing an overseas business, such as exchange controls, trade business affairs for imports and exports, and the legal regulations in each country. We make full use of our more than twenty years of overseas experience to deal with all manner of requests from customers and material suppliers when handling electronic materials.