In order to increase the efficiency of overseas production sites, it is necessary to implement localization, where operation is primarily under local staff. As we continue to develop on a global scale, we provide support for building a business framework most suitable for the location of our customers' production sites and increasing efficiency.
We provide complete support by having our local expert Japanese staff communicate with our customer's Japanese staff, as well as having our technical expert local staff communicate with our customer's local staff.

The administration of overseas production sites not only involves field operations such as procurement/purchasing and manufacturing, but also treasury operations. We provide support for both field operations and treasury operations such as payment to suppliers, foreign currency exchanges, and overseas remittances.

As a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, we provide complete support for our customers' overseas businesses in various cities worldwide. For customers that would like to expand overseas but are concerned about infrastructure, we introduce the overseas industrial complexes that are developed and distributed by the Sumitomo Corporation. We not only provide information, but provide support for establishing a local business, preparing production facilities and materials, and other logistical matters. We are sure that the scope of the kinds of support we provide will exceed your expectation.