We are able to achieve low-cost, efficient distribution by utilizing our global distribution network and collectively transporting the parts of multiple customers to our overseas sites.

We utilize our duty-free/bonded status in our warehouse operations at our overseas sites. We procure electronic parts from our overseas suppliers, import them on duty-free/bonded status, perform incoming inspections, store the parts in a temperature-controlled specialized warehouse, and have them ready for delivery in any quantity at any time for our customers and manufacturing partners. For example, in Thailand we were the first to obtain an IPO license for duty-free importing of electronic parts for re-exporting purposes. The license allows us to reduce the man-hour involved in import customs clearance and duty-free procedures, and store not only PCBA/electronic parts but also mechanical parts on duty-free status and provide JIT delivery of these parts. We also provide VMI operations.

■ Duty-free/bonded status

HongKong/Shenzhen Processing with customers’ materials / Processing with imported materials
Shanghai/Suzhou Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone (Transit Trade After Processing)
Thailand BOI Duty Free Status for IPO
Philippines PEZA
Indonesia GB
Mexico Maquiladora

●Reduce inventory, and minimize storage
●Reduce man-hour involved in import customs clearance
●JIT delivery of not only PCBA/electronic parts, but also various mechanical parts

With a firm grasp of the distribution circumstances and taxation system of each country, we implement a logistics design that best meets the regulations in each country. Moreover, we establish logistics designs which take into consideration tax saving, such as importing on duty-free/bonded status and Value-Added Tax (VAT).